About us

Crown Cookware is a Canadian family-owned business that has been bringing joy and happiness to people’s kitchens since 1981. Crown provides pristine quality and timeless designs of cookware and bakeware products, made with food-grade material and virgin aluminum for domestic and professional use. We also specialize in tray racks, metal forming, spinning, and anodizing as well as custom work.

Our Values and Practices

  • We stand by our products with full commitment and integrity as compared to some fly by night brands and importers with less recognition and accountability.  
  • We use and test every pan we make at our test kitchen and homes.  Crown is not just a business, we are a family of people working towards one goal, of making the best pans so you can bake some happiness.  We also do this in an environmentally responsible way.
  • We only use the finest quality, food-grade, virgin aluminum, pure and clean, thus ensuring it be free of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Why? Because, our customers’ health and wellbeing is our top priority. 
  • Commercial quality used by professionals; durability and built to last
  • Though we make the baking product, we sell fun, joy, and happiness. 


Pre Crown

The history of Crown Cookware dates back to the late 1970s with a subcontract to manufacture parts. Paul Vella was a full-time metal spinner and a production manager at Spun metals, which was owned by Supreme Aluminium at the time. By virtue of Paul’s expertise, he was approached by different companies to do metal spinning work. However, due to his loyalty to Supreme, he proposed that he would take the jobs on a contract basis. At the beginning of this enterprise, his son, David would assist his father. That time David spent with his father, sparked a special interest in the metal spinning, and even more importantly, he started to obtain his father’s business sense.

In 1981, Supreme Aluminum announced the shut down of Spun Metals, which meant the end to Paul’s job. At age 17, David saw this as an opportunity to finally start a business and convinced his father of this. They began with a small business plan, and a 2300 square foot rented industrial unit at 303 Norfinch Drive.

Crown Inception

Crown’s very first product to enter into the market was the angel food cake pan. Crown’s angel cake pans are unique in their one-piece design that has a seamless radius for the true angle cake form.  In 1982, Crown revolutionized the pizza making industry by creating the signature “Perfection Pizza Pan” a perforated pizza pan, which has since been universally copied establishing Crown as the leader. Crown continued to improve the pizza industry with the development of the “Pizza Genius Pizza Pan” a Commercial Black non-stick Pizza Pan made of steel aluminum and a commercial non-stick coating. It’s a professional premium pan that bakes pizza and anything else in the pizza oven.

Evolution into the 90s

Over the years, Crown’s product range has expanded from the angel cake pan to commercial sheet pans, “Cookie Magic” cookie sheets, deep dish pizza pans, aluminum stockpots, round layer cake pans, to name a few. Moreover, the company has broadened its abilities in their manufacturing, with automation and introducing a rack department in the manufacturing of its aluminum racks in the early 90s. Their racks have since become one of their most popular products for the commercial industry providing efficiency and mobility. Crown has also acquired customers from big retailers and large pizza franchises. They have picked up major custom parts for companies such as Noma and Panasonic.

Today and beyond

Today, Crown has a 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  Crown has earned a reputation as an industry leader for exceptional quality and service. David continues to build the dream with his family since Paul’s passing back in 2007. He has persisted in striving towards preserving the great products of the past and pursuing new innovative designs for the future. Also, sustaining the integrity of Crown has been one of the primary focus in achieving further success. In this manner, they continue to provide reliable and durable cookware and bakeware products for the market, which in turn brings joy and satisfaction to the commercial or home kitchen. This is the path Crown continues to follow. The company’s honesty, reliability and constant willingness for excellence remain central to the company’s values.

Looking into the future, we have planned to see Crown Cookware continuing to develop and innovate in both product design and manufacturing production. New ideas are continually being developed and tested, and when they are ready will be released to the market.