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Commercial Bakeware Designed to Maximize Your Profit

Produced in North America, Custom Made to Your Specification, Heavy Duty and High Gauge, and Delivered in Record Time

40 Years of Passion, Know-how and Experience

Since 1981, we manufacture an extensive product range to meet any commercial kitchen’s needs.

Produced in Canada, whether you order from our readymade bakeware, or create a custom pan, you will receive lightning-fast delivery anywhere across North America. 

We promise you will find exactly what you need at a price that will fit your budget.


Boost Your Bottom Line By Creating Your Own Pans

The return on your investment in great bakeware is almost immediate. When you change your pan size, you can see a quick turnaround in your profits even from an adjustment of 1/4 inch in the diameter of your pans.

A slightly modified pan can mean savings on ingredients, shorter baking time, and room for more pans in your oven. Your production process becomes more efficient, and therefore, your profits will benefit substantially.

This is especially true when considering the custom work is for a recipe that requires a specific type of pan to truly create the perfect dish that your customers will love!

Savings on Ingredients

A small adjustment in the size of your pans could mean hundreds and thousands of dollars in ingredients savings, and in this way, the pans basically pay for themselves.

Fine-tune baking Process

Bakeware specifically made to your requirements by taking into account baking temperature, oven capacity, duration of bake, etc. could result in a significant improvement in performance

Ideal Pans for Unique Bakes

A specialty bake so often needs a customized pan as the standard pans won’t do justice to the recipe. That’s when custom bakeware comes into play to deliver the perfect bake

Why crown Cookware?

Made in North America

Avoid all the hassle, downtime and uncertainties of sourcing from overseas

In the Driver's Seat

Take full control over your custom work specifications: size, shape, gauge, bead, rim, etc.

Built Right. Priced Better.

Built to last and priced competitively for a better return on your investment

Lightning Fast Delivery

Fast turnaround of custom made bakeware in 3-5 weeks anywhere in North America

Proven Workmanship

Production process refined over 40 years built on innovation and customer feedback

Extensive Selection

One of the largest inventories of readymade bakeware and cookware in North America
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40 Years of Bakeware Crafting Passion

Our master craftsman and president, David Paul Vella, understands the importance of quality material and attention to detail because not only does he craft these pans himself, but he also bakes in them, too! It’s his passion for baking, and for providing culinary professionals with what they need to create their masterpieces that set Crown Cookware apart from others.

David started Crown Cookware with his dad in Canada at 17 with a dream of filling the gap in premium-quality cookware. It is his determination to continually expand options for chefs that have driven our business to this day. 


Q. What kind of bakeware can I custom order? 
Pizza pans, cake pans, in all shapes and forms: round, square, rectangle, angle, or any other design concept you have in mind.  There are no hard-set limits. perforation in a wide range of density and hole sizes. Cake rings and Extenders, Cups and tubes, plates, baking sheets, and so much more!

Q. Can I get some samples?
Certainly; we provide free samples. We ask the client to handle the shipping cost.

Q. What if the pans don’t turn out to be what we ordered?
We make the utmost effort to document the full details of the order in the contract. In the event the produced bakeware has discrepancies with the agreed terms, we take full responsibility.

Q. What kind of material do you use?
Most commonly, we use pure, virgin, food-grade aluminum. Our cake pans are 16 gauge, and we can offer the gauges 16 HD, 18, and 20. We also fabricate with stainless steel, copper, and cast iron.

Q. What is the process for placing custom orders?
1. Client submits an initial enquiry with as much detail as possible
2. A consultation session is arranged to better understand the client’s requirements and to provide recommendations
3. Crown prepares an offer including costs and delivery time
4. Client confirms and makes the initial payment
5. Bakeware is produced
6. Bakeware is shipped to the client

Q. What products do you stock?
Cake pans in rounds, squares, rectangles, angels, panettone, focaccia, terrine, doll and etc. The round pans are available in sizes 3 to 24” in diameter and 1 to 4” deep. Cookie sheets, sheet pans, cups, tubes, cake rings, baking accessories, a variety of pizza pans and related accessories, stock pots, canning funnels and so much more!

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    What They Are Saying

    Amazing baking pans! We have been selling as well as using these pans for the past 30 years. Crown is constantly improving the quality and efficiency of their products. Hats off to the management for keeping up the good work! With a 100% guarantee on all their products, you cannot go wrong! The pans bake perfectly too!

    Nick McCall

    Nick McCallCEO & Founder - McCall's Chocolate Baking and Cake Supplies

    Dufflet Pastries has been a customer of Crown Cookware for more than 15 years. In all those years, we’ve used them to supply us pans, tins, racks and oven racks. We have always been satisfied with their turnaround time, delivering us products as specified and at a reasonable price. We’ll very likely continue using their services in the foreseeable future.

    Martin Desroches

    Martin DesrochesFormer Plant Manager - Dufflet Pastries

    I bought a Crown Cookware original deep-dish pizza pan 35 years ago.  I remember I came to your shop to see you [David] and did not know you have this pan and then you told me we can take care of you, no problem. And you have been taking care of me ever since. I have all my pans and we have over thirty thousand pans from yours as we are a pizza crust manufacturing, so we use tons of pizza pans, but they are all yours. I do not have anyone else’s pan. Your pans are durable and work fantastic.

    Dino Teti

    Dino TetiCEO - Teti Bakery and Manufacturing Co.

    Our rice crispie business relies on the sturdy quality of Crown Cookware Cake pans. They are the crux of our business. Excellent craftsmanship, durability, reliability and perfectly square, as we put them through the paces from filling, packing, freezing, washing, then all over and over again. They are true warriors in my kitchen. Supporting a Canadian Made business even better!

    Susan James

    Susan JamesFounder & Owner - The Whimsical Crispie Co.

    “We have 11 stores. Over the years we only buy Crown Cookware’s products. The quality is superb, the prices are right, and the services are unbelievable, and we won’t change it for the world!”

    Richard Farbman

    Richard FarbmanOwner - What A Bagel!

    My experience with crown cookware is that it is a reliable, well-made Canadian product that stands the test of the professional kitchen. I have had some of the creme caramel molds for well over 15 years and they are still going strong. I would strongly recommend using crown cookware for all of your baking and kitchen needs.  

    Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsExecutive Chef - The Gate House