Custom order – Racks

Extensible Aluminum Racks Customization

Whether you require more slides for more pans per footprint, or adjustments to fit specific items such as tote boxes, pizza pans, cookie trays, muffin pans, bread pans and more, we have got you covered. Spend a little more on your racks once for ‘Space Optimization’ to save you money every month.

Do you need pan back-stop so pans won’t slide through when a slope is on your path, or extra spacing between slides so you can put your larger items on the slides with ease? There is no job considered too little or too complex for us.  Choose from our standard configurations or let us know about your requirements. You can count on our four decades of experience and expertise in the field to deliver optimum solutions every time.

We provide several caster options for different uses. Our standard regular wight casters are quiet easy rolling 800 lbs load capacity used in room temperature environments to proofing and refrigeration. If going into deep freeze, choose from our freezer casters or roll the rack straight into an oven with our high temp casters. For heavier loads, choose higher capacity casters, but don’t go bigger than you need. Why? because oversized casters will slow you down on lighter loads. Options like more slide for more pans for ‘Space Optimization’ or adjusted to fit tote boxes, pizza pans, cookie trays, muffin pans and more.

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