Frequently Asked Questions

Our 9"x3" pan should just about fit, according to the dimensions on the instapot website which say the inner dimensions are 10.39 x 6.89 inches.
Yes, the pans are safe to use in an instapot.
Yes, they do; they will stack inside each other for efficient storage.
We recommend a piece of parchment in the bottom and greased the sides well.
Aluminum prevents rusting by hardening up the surface, the colour can effectively alter or change depending on the hardness of the water, and other factors. This is a natural process known as seasoning. For the best results, we recommend using parchment paper.
Yes, we do. Currently, we are selling 4 piece cake pan sets in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 that are available in two heights of 2 and 3 inch. You can see the full selection on the following pages on Amazon Canada and Amazon US. In the near future, we will be introducing new variations in smaller sizes that you can find on the same pages.
Yes, we do. Currently, we are selling 6 inch cake pans in packs of 2 and 4 in both heights of 2 and 3 inch that you can find on Amazon Canada and Amazon US. In the near future, we’ll be introducing other sizes in the ranges of 7-9 inches on the same pages.
No, 16" is the measure of the flat surface. Handles will add 1/4" measure to each side. Handles are 1/2" depth.
These pans are not leakproof due to their design. We do recommend using some parchment.
No, the angel cake pans are solid one-piece for the added benefit that they won’t leak out through the seams.