Cake Rings with a diverse selection

Crown cake rings are made in Canada from rust-free 1808 stainless steel 300 series with a full overlap reinforced welded seam. The extra sturdy and heavy gauge built and refined design developed over the years are just perfect for commercial bakeries and baking enthusiasts alike. Crown cake rings produce perfect results for your multi-layered cakes and cake decorating, mousse cakes, tarts, traditional and ice cream cakes.

Moreover, what makes our cake rings special is the endless customization possibilities. You can customize based on size and dimensions, material, shapes, gauge and whether you want them seamless or not. We are able to deliver your work in 14 days at a minimum order of 12 units. Some of the custom work options are tart rings, muffin rings, round cake rings, oval cake rings, square cake rings, rectangle cake rings, heart cake rings, adjustable cake rings, hexagon cake rings, triangle cake rings, petal cake rings, and perforated cake rings.