Shipping Terms

Shipping Terms

How long does it take for my purchased items to be shipped?

We ship within three working days from the date of receiving the confirmed order.


Why is shipping processed manually and not as part of the online purchase?

Most of our customers place large volume orders. Due to the geographic disparity and the diversity of customers’ preferences for handling the shipping, we have chosen to utilize multiple channels to obtain the best rates possible for a time efficient forwarding. The channels consist of the customer’s preferred shipping companies, Crown’s account with freight companies, and more importantly these days, the use of online shipping brokers that in combination allow us to secure the best deals.


Does Crown Cookware ship internationally?

We currently ship anywhere in Canada and in the United States. We do not ship internationally outside the aforementioned countries


How much does shipping cost?

Considering we use multiple channels to get the cheapest options, the customers are assured to receive the best rates. The customers are consulted prior to any booking and only upon approval, the shipping will be booked. Crown personally pays for freight insurance secured from Aaxel Insurance.


What shipping options are available to customers?

As per the customer’s preference, we are able to ship overnight, standard, express, and airmail.


How long does it take for the customers to get their shipment?

We ship within three working days from the date of receiving the confirmed order. Duration of time to receive the products varies depending on the type of shipment. In addition, a tracking number and accompanying documents will be forwarded to you via email.


How can I contact you to request additional information and follow up in this regard?

Our preferred choice is email at, and we’ll do our best to respond with 48 hours. In the event of unique situations, you may also contact us via phone based on numbers provided on the website.